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 Post subject: An introduction to Kengen Alkalina Water Ionizer India
PostPosted: Tue 11 Feb 2020, 13:05 
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Kangen water is the name that is used to refer to the water that is created through the ionization technology of an Enagic product the Japanese manufacturer of the ionizer. However, the kangen water can originate from various sources. For instance, it can come from your tap water or from other natural sources. However, you need to take the source into consideration whenever you choose the appropriate product.
An Enagic product can be used to filter tap water, but that isn’t its primary goal but, the main function is to produce healthy and ionized alkaline water. The ionized water that can be used for drinking, cooking, or cleaning purposes, let’s understand further…

What Is Ionized Alkaline Water?
Talking about in simple terms, ionized alkaline water is just regular water but it is with a higher pH level. The water ionizer India uses a process that is known as electrolysis for separating the water into two components: one is acidic and another one is alkaline. By drinking the alkaline water, you will enjoy a variety of health benefits. Talking about the discovery, the benefits of drinking alkaline water were discovered or took hold firstly in Japan but these have now spread to various countries.

Let's put it in more technical sense, the alkaline water machine uses a special electrochemical process for splitting the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. And once this separation took place, the portion of water that got closest to the anode is considered to be acidic, whereas the water that got closest to the cathode is considered alkaline. So, the water that is near the cathode is used for drinking purposes and the more acidic water that is near to the anode could potentially be used for household cleaning.

Benefits of Kengen Water with Alkaline Water Machine: Kangen is Cleaner, Healthier Water, This alkaline water has been gone through a highly efficient filtration system which produces the end result as healthy alkaline water that is also completely free from from many impurities. As per the research it has been said that more than 315 pollutants can be found in tap waters that means that they can legally exist in your water without any limitation. But, kangen water contains a much lesser pollutants. So it's entirely up to you to remove those pollutants and secure your drinking water.
Kangen water ionizer system works as a complete water purification system. So, the end result of the water ionizer India is water that is good for you, that tastes good, and that does not pollute the body.

Improved pH Balance
However, there has been a lot of debate regarding pH, but no one can deny that the body needs a proper pH balance. The reason is that, much of the food that we eat is highly acidic, that can tip the scales. So, to fix those scales, our body needs to consume more alkaline foods or drinks. However, the ionized water separates the acidic water from the alkaline water and therefore, by drinking the Kangen alkaline water by alkaline water machine, our body will be restoring proper balance to our body's pH scale.

Alkaline water machine

alkaline water ionizer

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