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 Post subject: How to clean the house
PostPosted: Wed 27 Jul 2022, 12:58 
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New Home Deep Cleaning: What to Clean When Moving


Oven lid cleaning
Your new home or apartment offers many possibilities. Bare walls, uncrowded space, and a bare canvas make yourself a home on it. But before you get started on the fun parts of moving to a new place, you have to take care of the basics. It is a deep cleaning of the new home.

Whether you rent or buy, moving to cleaning (or moving ahead in cleaning, if you have some comfort with your timing) is a huge necessity. The person or people who lived there before you, no matter how well-meaning, inevitably left behind some dirt, grime, and dust that you'll want to take care of before you really settle down. Unless you've just moved into a brand new build, this blank slate isn't quite as empty as it seems.

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Cleaning the house before you move in is the perfect way to go, since you won't have the added difficulty of having to work around a bunch of furniture and boxes. But if you have to wait until after you move in, that's okay — just don't ignore cleaning completely. The same applies if the cleaning crew came before you got the keys. This is an angle you don't want to cut.

There are a few steps to moving into cleaning, but you should be able to make your place look as shiny and new as possible in just a day or two with some elbow grease and maybe another pair of helping hands (thanks mom!). Here are some tips to help you move forward.

High cleaning before cleaning low
Dust does not descend on floors and work surfaces. Ceiling fans, overhead light fixtures, shelves, and other features close to the ceiling are quite prone to getting dirty, but they (a) are not cleaned often, and (b) they tend to spread dirt and dust onto the space underneath when they are finally cleaned. Since cleaning these high features will inevitably cause the area under them to get a little dirty as well, start at the top in each room and work your way down.

Pro tip: Ceiling fan blades are notorious for raining dust. To reduce collateral damage, place an old pillowcase over each blade and wipe away from the center of the mount using the inner layer of the top pillowcase. Most of the spilled dust will be collected in the case, which you can clean up or throw away once you're done.

If you clean after transportation, clean the refrigerator first
There are a few things you can put off while you clean everything up, but stocking your perishable food isn't among them. Before you get to anything else, start sanitizing your new refrigerator. Since it is devoid of any food, it should not take more than 20 minutes. Remove shelves and drawers if you can, and clean them separately with soap and warm water. For the interior of the refrigerator, make a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar, and use a clean cloth to clean all surfaces. If there is any sticky material to remove, leave the water/vinegar solution and soak in it for a bit. Make sure the shelves are completely dry, then return them to the refrigerator. Repeat these steps with the freezer.

Pro tip: If you're dealing with some sticky dirt from the fridge that won't budge, boil some water and pour it on. Once the water has cooled enough to touch, engage your muscles and rub them deeply. This sticky substance should come off.

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Do the rest of the kitchen
Once the refrigerator is clean, you can work on the rest of the kitchen. Follow step one and start with the light fixtures, ceiling corners, and top of cabinets. Next, do the appliances: stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, sink, followed by the countertop. Do the cabinets next, making sure to clean both the inside and the outside and paying special attention to their handles. Stop doing the flooring for now.

Pro tip: Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are a powerful solution to get rid of stubborn stove stains. Pour the baking soda into a small bowl and add enough hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Spread it on the stove and leave it for 15 minutes, then rub it.

in the bathrooms
Bathroom cleaning is as much about disinfection as it is about clean surfaces. Blue Dawn dish soap and sponge are nearly all you need for an initial scrub, but follow up with an antibacterial spray to get rid of any lingering germs. For toilet seats, just go ahead and replace them. It's a small cost, and it's the most effective way to make sure it's really clean.

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While cleaning, don't forget about unexpected areas you might skip during a normal bathroom cleaning day. In addition to the usual suspects, be sure to also clean and sanitize the toilet paper holder, light switches, faucets, and door handles.

Pro tip: Hard water stains on metal appliances like faucets and shower heads can be difficult to remove. To make it easier, rub them with fresh lemon juice. Acid is great for breaking up hard water stains and making metal surfaces shine like new.
Tackle the rest of the space
For the rest of the cleaning process, go item by item instead of room by room. Per step one, you'll want to do this top down, so start with the ceiling. Don't forget the easily overlooked surfaces, such as the tops of doors, windows and window treatments, light switches, and closet interiors. For most of these areas, a good vacuum attachment will help you suck up the dirt and dust, which you can then follow up with clean damp rags.

Pro tip: Don't wash the windows when the sun is at its height, as it will make it difficult to see grime and streaks. Wait until evening, or at least start with windows that are in the shade.

Finish with the floors
You started at the top, so end at the bottom. For wood, tile, and linoleum floors, start by using a vacuum attachment to clean corners and edges, and then sweep up all remaining debris. Don't vacuum the entire surface unless your vacuum is specifically designed to do so. Finish up by mopping, making sure to use a product that's safe for the surface you're using it on.

For a really efficient carpet clean you'll want to use a steam cleaner. If you don't own one, call in a professional to do the job or rent one from a local hardware store. Vacuuming alone may make the carpet look cleaner, but it won't do much toward removing allergens or improving air quality. And what's the use of cleaning something if you're only going to do it halfway?

Pro tip: To clean stained or grout, combine equal parts water and bleach in a bowl and then use a toothbrush to scrub. Let the solution sit for an hour or so, and then scrub clean.

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